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Aesthetic Euphoria

Beauty, like visual art, is subjective, and it holds the power to impact us in its many forms. We can see, feel or even hear beauty, instilling within us a sense of curiosity, satisfaction or appreciation.

A Time to Reflect  

Julian Wolkenstein beauty_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Julian Wolkenstein created a series of portraits that mirrored the left and right side of men’s and womens’ faces.  “They were real people, not models, with specific features that interested me,” he said.  The result was remarkable, in how very unique each outcome was.  “They can look at themselves in a new light.  It’s a time to reflect.”  His quest continued upon launching an app which allows anyone to submit their photo for mirror imaging.  With over 40,000 people uploading their images, Wolkenstein’s projects ultimately present the beauty of imperfection and reality, and our curiosity to see this “alternative” beauty for ourselves.

Beauty in Numbers  

math beauty_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Aesthetic pleasure constantly fulfills the lives of mathematicians.  Some mathematicians have described their passion, or some aspect of it, as creative and beautiful, likening it to an art form.  Bertrand Russell expressed his sense of mathematical beauty, “Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty.”  The Pythagorean Theorem, image above, is an example of “beauty in method”; the beauty of shape and proportion.  Paul Erdos, renowned mathematician, implored multiple possibilities of solving individual problems with an elegant and elementary approach.  He found it difficult to describe mathematics, when quoted “Why are numbers beautiful?  It’s like asking why Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is beautiful.  If you don’t see why, someone can’t tell you.”

Music for the Mind

music beauty_Salon Buzz Stay Gorgeous

Well-composed music has the ability to make the listener actually feel different emotions. Linked to the physiological reward system within our brain, music reinforces positive or relaxing thoughts and behavior, allowing us to feel a peace of mind and unwind.


Audible and visual beauty positively affects how we think and feel, and this internal well-being radiates from within. Once we’ve enhanced our mood with positive visuals or good music, we can then be empowered with the ability to look and feel gorgeous.

Photo Credits: art.com, showme design