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A Polished Interpretation: The Faux Bob

The bob is a timeless haircut, originating from the flapper hairstyle of the 20s and resurfacing with multiple variations throughout the years. Recently, the faux bob has caught our attention. The faux bob is essentially a polished interpretation of the bob, where long hair is intentionally styled to resemble the iconic short hairstyle.

The inspiration for the faux bob comes from different eras, depending on the designer’s vision, the woman’s personality and the hair texture. For faux bobs with curly hair, where all the small waves are visible, the style can channel the 20s flapper style, defined by Louise Brooks and the era’s liberation and rebellion from the norm. A straight-haired, polished version of the faux bob can reflect the prim and proper style of the 50s housewives, and the softer, wavy faux bob can imitate the loose, finger waved curls of Marilyn Monroe and Veronica Lake.

The faux bob for straight hair can also be structured and graphic, similar to the very polished spring look we did for NBC. For that particular look on NBC, I was inspired by what was done on the Jill Sanders show, in which the stylist was inspired by the prim and proper hairstyles of Hitchcock movie starlets. The straight faux bob’s distinct, structured shape also holds inspirations from the 60s mod-style bob, pioneered by Vidal Sassoon and his precision haircutting skills.

Celebrities today are all sporting the faux bob. Taylor Swift brings an especially contemporary look to the faux bob that’s soft, loose and ethereal. Eva Longoria’s faux bob is short and textured, while Rachel Bilson’s is straight and longer with soft waves at the ends.

The faux bob is a hairstyle for all ages, as long as the hair goes with the woman’s outfit and is tailored to her face shape. As a polished style, the faux bob is the perfect style for special events, whether it be black-tie or the red carpet. With the many textures and variations that emulate the bobs across several eras, the faux bob holds true to its timelessness.

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